Review Overlapping Parts

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Review Overlapping Parts

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Use PartsLab tools to find overlapping Parts

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Highlights / isolates overlapping Parts. When making Parts from one or more linked model authored by others, some poor modeling should be assumed. This functionality will help you quickly find conditions like:

Floors and Walls incorrectly overlapping

Walls incorrectly overlapping each other

Floors incorrectly overlapping each other



1.Parts must already exist to use this feature.

2.From the Revit ribbon menu, click PCL tab > PartsLab panel > Find Overlaps.

3.Open the overlap validation view. PartsLab prompts you to open this view when opening this tab after.

The tools on this tab will not work in any other Revit view. Only the PartsLab Overlapping Parts view responds to these features.

4.In the Review Overlapping Parts tab, use the options to filter by object & level to find specific overlap conditions.

See interactive image below for overlap filtering and display options.

An overlap that involves objects from different categories will be displayed as an overlap within both of those category nodes in the tree.

oA Floor / Wall overlap will appear in both the Floor and Wall category nodes.

You can also filter by specific design update if you want to see overlaps related to a specific update

All overlap occurrences will be displayed with an orange override in the managed view.

You must be in the managed view when using any features on this PartsLab tab.


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Why do I see overlaps on other levels when highlighting just one level in the tree? This is not a bug, and can happen when one or more of the following conditions occur:

A part on the level you have highlighted or checked in the Overlap Conditions tree overlaps a part on another level.

One or more Parts on the level you have highlighted or checked in the Overlap Conditions tree extends beyond its assigned level, overlapping objects on other levels. An example of this would be a wall or column that occupies several levels. This overlap condition can be overcome by dividing those parts.


The only way an overlap condition will completely disappear, is when those parts no longer overlap. Either the Part or it's original object must be edited to remove the overlap.