Parts Creation History

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Parts Creation History

Check out this tutorial on Parts Creation History

Track your design changes with Parts Creation History view in Revit

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This feature has been substantially enhanced, allowing you to create a revision log and apply those properties to Parts as they're created.

PartsLab helps you manage Parts by creation date. This feature will help you track Parts created with each design update. If you are working in a PCL Construction Template and you have created Parts using PartsLab, there is a managed 3D view that visually filters Parts by creation date.

In this managed view:

The Parts created with the you select when you create Parts

While in this view, select any entry in the revision list, and those Parts will turn green

Parts not matching that revision are all half-toned and 60% transparent

View automatically updates each time you use PartsLab


This managed view is located in your Revit Project Browser - Work Package > Validation Views > 3D Views > Parts Creation History.

Parts History View

Before making Parts today

Parts History View

After making new Parts today




Hide / Isolate Parts by Creation Date:

1.In the Project Browser, open Work Package > Validation Views > 3D Views > Parts Creation History.

2.Open PartsLab and click the Settings tab.

3.Click any entry in the revision grid. All Parts belonging to that revision are highlighted green.

You can also see what Parts belong to each revision before making Parts as long as you have this view open. While creating Parts, you will be asked to set the revision for the Parts being made. Click any entry and those Parts will turn green.