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Parts Video Tutorials


PCL PartsLab Tutorials:

Creating Parts with PartsLab®

Investigating your model content with PartsLab®

What is the Parts Creation History view feature?

NEW - Find overlapping Parts in your model - why is this important?

What are Parts, and how does using Parts improve my workflow?

New features in version


Autodesk Tutorials:

Autodesk Building Solutions - Autodesk Revit: Creating and Dividing Parts Demonstrates how to create parts from multi-layer host elements and family instances, and then divide parts by sketching division lines or by specifying intersecting references in a Revit model.

Autodesk Building Solutions - Autodesk Revit - Reinforcement for Parts Now you can add reinforcement to concrete parts. Concrete parts created from elements (such as walls and floors) that possess rebar cover and can host rebar, rebar sets, area reinforcement, path reinforcement, and fabric reinforcement.

What are Revit Parts? - Autodesk Revit help Reference