Version Updates

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Version Updates


All downloads are being redirected to the Autodesk App Store. Archive downloads are not available.


PLEASE READ - Autodesk App Store Updates - The list below is updated & published prior to updated installers being approved by Autodesk, and being posted by Autodesk at the Autodesk App Store. If you don't see the latest version at the Autodesk App Store, check back there tomorrow. Approval can take up to 2 weeks from the time we submit an update to the App Store. - June 16, 2020


2021 Compatible

Supports 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2021

The Autodesk App Store does prevents support for older versions

Improved support for 360 Design Collaboration


A new authorization key is only required for use with Revit 2020. Get new PartsLab Authorization Key
 - May 14, 2019


2020 Compatible

2015 / 2016 Support

The Autodesk App Store does not allow support for any addins older than 2017

New feature set - Division Tools

Quick-divide by levels

Copy / Paste divisions (2019.3 and newer)

Division Style Manager


A new authorization key is only required for use with Revit 2020. Get new PartsLab Authorization Key - August 28, 2018


New feature set - Finds Overlapping Parts

Displays a tree of all overlapping parts by Level, Category, and instance

Highlighted overlaps can be isolated

Filter by revision (if parts were created by PartsLab)

Ignore targeted categories

Create 3D views from current model isolation

These features are demonstrated in this new video

Use PartsLab tools to Hide & Isolate Revit Parts


A new authorization key is required for this version. Get new PartsLab Authorization Key
 - May 11, 2018


2019 Compatible

Improved Workshare Compatibility


If you had or installed, you will NOT be required to re-register this version.

Authorization with Revit 2019 - your previous authorization key may work depending on your system configuration. If it does not work with your 2019 Revit install you will need to request a new authorization key. Get new PartsLab Authorization Key
 - November 29, 2017


International Version Support

Visualization ribbon tools were not appearing when Parts are selected in non-English versions of Revit

Refresh button for Main Content Tree

If new geometry is created while PartsLab is running, this will refresh the main content tree and object counts

This is not automated for best performance in large projects.

Level (linked) / (sync'd) fixed

Status was not correct when the current model was deselected in the ‘Models being viewed’ list


If you had installed, you will NOT be required to re-register this version. - May 08, 2017


2018 Compatibility

Node Text Color in Main Content Tree

Categories that can receive Parts are BLACK

Categories that cannot receive Parts are GREY

Status of Levels in 'Filter By Building Level'

Now displays only levels of models selected in 'Models Being Searched' checklist

Levels from selected linked models now display (linked) after the level name

Levels belonging to both the selected current model and selected linked model(s) now display (sync'd)

Creation History Modes

The automated Parts Creation History feature can now be managed by selected dates and/or revision entries.

The parameter with the creation date was Read Only in previous versions. Values can now be edited, giving you full control of managing your Parts creation history. Projects created in prior versions will remain Read Only.

Document Busy alert fixed - After doing SAVEAS, PartsLab would not open and gave an alert stating the document could not be opened. - January 31, 2017


Significant Performance Increase - When selecting linked RVTs to populate the content tree, some complex / dense models were slow to open. These models will now open almost instantly.

Improved error handling that will allow you to skip objects that cannot receive Parts – In some rare cases due to heavy profile modification, valid objects that should host Parts, won’t. This was preventing the entire selection from receiving Parts. You can now skip these items & see an alert with their object ID. - November 30, 2016


Tool tip updates & text clarifications. - October 10, 2016


First public release of PCL PartsLab

Cosmetic updates, final build for public release - September 17, 2016


First public release of PCL PartsLab

Manage invalid instances of objects that should be capable of hosting Parts

In some circumstances, one or more instances of objects that should host parts may have geometry or other abnormalities that do not allow the Parts function to create that Part. In this case you will be given the option to create Parts from all the valid instances from selected tree nodes and skip those invalid instances. Because PartsLab must examine every object instance targeted to receive Parts, this will take a little more time to run when compared to applying the 'Make Parts' function to everything in that selected node.